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About Acid Dyes Dying

Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 02-10-2020      Origin: Site

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Several Issues Concerning Acid Dyes

1. Classification of acid dyes:

Strong acid bath acid dye H2SO4PH2-4

Three Kinds of Weak Acid Bath Acid Dyes HACPH4-6

Neutral bath acid dye NH4ACPH6-7

2. Applicability of acid dyes:

Dyeing wool, silk and nylon in acidic or neutral cube.

3. Characteristics of Dyeing Nylon with Acid Dyes (Weak Acid Bath):

1) fast coloring and poor levelness-proper leveling agent is required.

2) Poor color fastness (such as soaping fastness)-requires fixation treatment (especially for medium and dark color varieties)

3) dyeing process: dyeing at 50-600C and 1000C guarantee-water fixation treatment.