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  • 18-06-2024

    Application of Sulphur Black in Leather Dyeing
    Sulfur Black is an excellent dye choice for leather dyeing, offering vibrant color, superior light fastness, and uniform dyeing results. It meets both aesthetic and durability requirements, making it an ideal option for manufacturing high-quality leather products. In this article, we will explore th
  • 17-06-2024

    What Is Sulphur Black And Sulphur Black Use
    Sulphur Black is a type of synthetic dye used predominantly in the textile industry for dyeing cotton fibers. It belongs to the class of sulfur dyes, which are known for their excellent color fastness properties. Sulphur Black dye is derived from sulfur compounds, and it produces a deep black color
  • 04-06-2024

    Explore Sulphur Black Dye Manufacturing Process
    Sulfur black dye is a highly important material in the apparel and textile industry, primarily used for the dyeing process during production. Due to sulfur black being a special type of organic compound comprised of multiple chemical elements, the manufacturing process of sulfur black is a topic of
  • 22-07-2022

    Where To Buy Sulphur Dyes: Exploring Your Options
    Dyes |Textile Dyes| Sulfur Dyes |Sulfur Black When looking for a place to buy Sulphur Dyes, you may be tempted to go online. While websites like Amazon and Alibaba are common vendors to buy Sulphur Dyes from, you as a consumer have so many other options! These online vendors are part of the...
  • 25-12-2020

    Sulphur Black 1 Got ECOCERT Approval And Become ZDCH GATEWAY Membership
    We become ZDCH Gateway membership,meanwhile we get ECOCERT GROUP Letter of Approval for Sulphur BLACK 1.
  • 25-07-2020

    Antibacterial Agent: ANTI COVID-19 Newly Lauched For Killing Novel Coronavirus
    What antibiotics kill Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) ? What antibiotics kill Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) ?Azithromycin (Zithromax) is a macrolide antibiotic that is being investigated as a potential treatment for people with COVID-19, the disease caused by the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). It is alre
  • 17-07-2020

    Why Choose Metal Complex Dyes
    Metal Complex Dyes shows very good level dyeing and penetration characteristics.
  • 03-04-2020

    Optical Brightener Agent: Are They Dyes Or Auxiliaries?
    Optical Brightener Agent can be used for textile,paper, detergent and etc
  • 13-03-2020

    Metal Complex Dyes
    Metal complex dyes are dyes containing coordination metal atoms in the molecule. Soluble in organic solvents.
  • 03-03-2020

    Affecting Disperse Blue S-GL(Disperse Blue 60) Color Flower
    Discuss the influencing factors of scattered Cuilan S-GL color flower: Knowing yourself and knowing one another can be undefeated. You must first understand the nature of dispersed Cuilan S-GL, and then you can understand the effect of dye itself on color flower. Disperse Blue S-GL (C.I. Disperse Bl
  • 19-02-2020

    Why Is The Amount Of Optical Brightening Agent Too Much, Instead, The Whiteness Of The Fabric Decreases?
    There are many types of optical brightening agents, and there are certain types of whitening agents for whitening of various fibers.Although the chemical structure and properties of various whitening agents are different, the principle of whitening fibers or fabrics is the same.The whitening princip
  • 10-02-2020

    About Acid Dyes Dying
    Several Issues Concerning Acid Dyes1. Classification of acid dyes:Strong acid bath acid dye H2SO4PH2-4Three Kinds of Weak Acid Bath Acid Dyes HACPH4-6Neutral bath acid dye NH4ACPH6-72. Applicability of acid dyes:Dyeing wool, silk and nylon in acidic or neutral cube.3. Characteristics of Dyeing Nylon
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